BOO-ooozy Halloween Drinks

WARNING: You might need a pillow to hide behind for this blog as its spooktacular!

I have created a few easy drink ideas for those of you who want to host a Halloween party of just have a few tipples at home!

Black Magic
You will need:
-A tall glass (the halloweenier the better)
-Pure poison (soda water)
-Flavoured cordial or liquer
-Black food colouring
Popaball Gold Shimmer (Optional)
-Halloween themed straw


-Pour around 50mls of cordial or liqueur into your class.  I chose raspberry and strawberry cordial.
-Then fill the glass half way up or more with prosecco (depending on your ability to deal with a hangover the next day
-Top up with soda water
-Add a tiny bit of black food colouring and give it a wee stir
-At this point you can also add some gold shimmer for that magic touch
-Add some candy floss on top, pop your straw in and let your best witches drink up


Pumpkin Punch  (Non-Alcoholic)
You will need:
– A pumpkin shaped glass *where available* (obviously I had one of these handy thanks to Primark)
-A punch bowl or decanter of some sort
-Beetle juice aka lemonade
-Fresh orange juice
-I made this as an non-alcoholic option but a spirit of choice can be added or it can be topped up with prosecco


-Pour in a carton of orange juice
-Add your bottle of beetle juice
-Top with grenadine about 30/50mls or to taste
-Fill up your pumpkin


As you can see my assistance skelly the skeleton loves pumpkin punch I am pretty sure he put a few voddies in his though


Blood Shot 
You will need:
-Skeleton shot glasses (other shot glasses will also work)
-Cherry Sourz or any thing you feel like knocking back at the time
-Icing sugar and water
-Green sprinkles (other colours are available)


-Mix icing sugar and water
-Dip the top of the shot glass in the icing then dip into the sprinkles
-Top the shot glass with the cherry sourz
-Neck it


Witches Brew 
You will need:
-Punch bowl
-Spiced Rum
-Pineapple juice
-Ginger ale
-Green food colouring
-Plastic eyeballs
-Ice cubes (brain shaped if you happen to have this mould lying around your house like I do


-Put your ice cubes in your bowl
-Pour in around 200mls of rum (around 50ml per serving)
-Add 4-600mls of pineapple juice or to your taste
-Top up with ginger ale
-Mix in a tiny bit of green food colouring and give it a stir
-Float your eyeballs on the top for effect
-Serve to your victims


The lazy vampires drink
You will need:
-One Halloween glass

-Pour wine in to your glass

I picked a glow in the dark one from Tesco to protect me from ghosts while I drink wine in my bed a night


I bought most of halloween decorations/extras from Hobbycraft, Tiger, Primark, Tk Maxx and Tesco!


And remember don’t be a basic witch, trick or treat yourself by making a few cocktails this halloween!




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