21 hens bagging a munro… well kinda

Last weekend I headed to Piperdam a resort just outside Dundee where you can rent lodges, for my friend Jess’s hen weekend and I am still recovering, mainly from the hill walk but also the copious amounts of prosecco!

Friday night was a Hawaiian theme in order to prep the bride for her honeymoon!  The bridesmaids had decorated the lodge with inflatables, props, leis and all things Hawaiian.



Everyone came dressed accordingly.  Including a top effort from the mother hens!




Obviously no boys were allowed.


The bride to be rocked a pink hula skirt and pineapple glasses!


The bridesmaids had prepared a Mr and Mrs quiz involving a video of the groom answering questions they had asked him earlier in the week and it was hilarious!


I thought the hilarity may have been due to the half vat of Hawaiian punch I had consumed but I think it was more to do with Johns’s (groom to be) fancy dress box, which Jess claims is used for parties……  I am not so sure!!


Ladies prepare yourself to feast your eyes for one last time, before my gal claims him as her own, on …. *drum roll*  Mr John Dylan

As my other half said “Gotta give him 10/10 for effort”

The next morning required brioche and nutella by the ton to soothe the hangover before beginning Saturdays activities.


After the Nutella fix we got into our hiking gear or old gym kit for those of us that are slightly less active than others…. and headed to a ‘small hill’.  I mean it was more like a mountain but I am gonna let that go this time (Laura Wood I am talking to you!)

The bride to be was given the appropriate hill walking head gear


It meant we were sure not to lose her



We made sure to get a group shot at the bottom of the hill when we were all still able to breathe



Although we worked as a team to navigate our way up we couldn’t have done it without Molly ↓


I nearly went into cardiac arrest but I did make it to the top, more than likely because I was lured up there by the promise of prosecco and fudge from the welcoming party


Jess attended to all her hens prosecco needs


And Laura (bridesmaid) dished out her homemade fudge, it was delicious


It was pretty windy so we had to huddle to make sure no prosecco was spilt!


Jess was a step ahead and realised a cup was too much of a risky option


I found the perfect spot to have a wee seat and enjoy the beautiful view while sipping on my fizz


Fee made a picturesque appearance


Closely followed by everyone else


And right before we headed back down I managed to get a quick shot of myself and Jess to prove I had bagged my first unofficial Munro



It was pretty cold at the top of the hill so it seemed the obvious way to get the heat back up would be to make use of the lodge hot tub – with prosecco of course


This was also ideal to relax everyones muscles before our yoga session


Yes you did hear me right, I participated in yoga, I am telling you I am a changed woman after this zen weekend – oops I meant hen weekend (lol)


I mean we did manage to include prosecco in all of our activities but thats allowed at a hen surely!


I call this the prosecco warrior


And this is Gabbs demonstrating another complicated pose


Post yoga we had some chill time before changing into our gladrags ready to dance into the wee small hours!  Not that I am biased but we scrubbed up well!


We headed through to Broughty Ferry to a restaurant called Forgans which has amazing rustic interiors and really tasty food!

Even though the bride had to fight an unruly hen to get her veil back, they still let us in

26We sat at this lovely long table in the main part of the restaurant


And we managed to get our only English hen to try haggis for the first time – of course we didn’t tell her what was in it until after!

Around 10pm the staff at Forgans clear part of the restaurant and a band set up for a ceilidh which is so much fun!

Jess and Claire showed us the ropes

And didn’t take long for everyone to get into the swing of things


The night ended with a DIY cheeseboard and a couple of tubs of Pringles

The next morning we went for a walk to get some much needed fresh air and managed to fit in a practice run for the big event

Keeping in theme with my previous blog post I found some ducks and a quacking view


We then headed to The Drovers Inn to finish the weekend off with a Sunday lunch


It is such a cute venue which of course made for the perfect photo opportunity


And to top it all off the food was delicious!


I headed home Sunday evening to wash and pack away my gym clothes for another year and curl up in a prosecco coma

Can’t wait for the wedding!










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