One bride, eleven hens and endless bottles of wine

Before we get this hen party started you should meet the team ↓
Bride – Caroline
Bridesmaids – Jen, Steph, Amy and Annabell
Entourage – Holly, Jo, Alison, Debs, Pip (me), Amy and Nicola


Nicola and I started our weekend drinking champagne and cocktails in Edinburgh airport at 9am as you do. Of course we also had a coffee to keep things civilised.


My cousin Jen then picked us up for the trip to Norfolk where we were staying for the weekend.  She came supplied with Pimm’s like any good chauffeur would.


After about a two hour journey and a few wrong turns we arrived at one of the most beautiful locations and homes I have ever been to.  The bridesmaids had rented a 7 bedroom detached barn from a company called Barefoot Retreats.

The property we were staying in was called Whaleback which was appropriate as this also described what I looked like passed out on the floor after 4 bottles of wine.

I only have a few photos of the house but if you want to see more head over to the their page its got plenty!


It didn’t take me long to find my room –  the bridesmaids attention to detail was on point!


And although they didn’t supply room service most of the essentials were already available.

The bride was also provided with some hen weekend gear – this turned out to be lucky because it became apparent on day 3 of the same outfit that she had forgotten to bring any other clothes with her!  Don’t judge though she did have at least one Glasgow shower

It didn’t take long for the prosecco to make its first appearance, with added gold and pink shimmer – my favourite!


The next couple of hours consisted of chatting, laughing and more prosecco before we headed to the dining room for a lovely home cooked meal (thank you Auntie Aileen!)  and lots of wine.

This was also the first appearance of the Tony masks.


The girls collectively prepared a toast for the bride to be with the help from a few handsome lads which was hilarious although I can’t remember it all, my memory is a bit patchy…


The stag stopped by to check his bride was behaving


We caught him out although he had tried to remain inconspicuous….


The night continued in to the wee small hours with the creation of da club, podium dancing to Breakfast at Tiffanys and terrible Irish accents.

The next morning was almost a struggle but the girls had provided a hearty breakfast with a side of bucks fizz for a much needed hair of the dog.


We spent the morning exploring the garden, enjoying the sun, drinking prosecco, laughing and admiring the gardens pet duck who was also an inspiring independent single mother (see below but be aware it may bring a tear to your eye)




We then all grabbed our fake Chanel sunglasses, authentic pearl necklaces and leopard print scarfs and became a group of clone Carolines.


Before getting our clay on.  The idea was to create something that reminded you of Caroline (our bride)


There was an eclectic mix of creations including but not limited to a designer handbag, poo, the golden arches and Carolines pet dog (cherry).

Post clay antics were followed by hen party activities, more wine and the bride having a skinny dip in the lake..





Saturday nights dinner was a bbq with all the relevant sides a solid effort from the domesticated hens while the rest of us sank back glasses of wine!


I confirm this was top quality food as I required a 20minute disco nap after.

Unfortunately the disco nap did not improve my aim while playing prosecco pong.


We then played articulate which wasn’t as successful maybe because we had all had a few drinks or maybe because a few of the hens turned into competitive cockerels and things got messy… you three know who you are!


We spent the rest of Saturday night in ‘da club’ – turns out when staying in a 7 bedroom house equip with a games room, two large living rooms, a dining room and a massive kitchen the best thing to do is squeeze 12 people in to the smallest room in the house (appropriately named the snug) switch the lights off,  turn the music up, crack open the stable door and dance all night.  You can also give it an official title ‘da club’ and it will then become the most exclusive 12 people capacity nightclub in the UK.

Da Club – discovered by Nicola on 8.9.17


Sunglasses and a snapback will allow you access to the V.I.P section.


Sadly Da Club also induces hangovers that require you to head to the beach to clear your head – even if you only last out in the fresh air for less than 10 minutes.



We spent Sunday night lazing on the sofa chatting, drinking, wine and eating cheese.


Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 01.39.24

I had one of the best weekends ever but it was safe to say I was a broken woman by Monday!


Next stop Dublin for the wedding!


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