Carnival Fifty Six


I spent last weekend with a face covered in glitter, wearing an army jacket with my sunglasses on at night and some sort of alcoholic drink permanently glued to my hand.  If you haven’t already guessed, I was of course at a festival!


Dundee was host to Carnival Fifty Six Scotland’s newest music festival at Camperdown Park.  I wasn’t planning on going due to my ever shrinking student budget but I have this friend Amy (see below blonde girl with the fantastic boobs) who for years has been a bad influence on me – Amy you know its true!  Anyway she lured me in with promises of free cider and glitter (two of my weak points) and of course I caved.


Myself, Amy and Clarisse got suited and festival booted before heading to Camperdown Park to check out Dundee’s new talent – that being the festival of course!


There were five different stages/tents with a good range of music from Rudimetal, Sasha, The Kyle Falconer band and a few comedians.  We spent most of our weekend in the Rhumba Big Top Tent which was so much fun –  pretty similar to the slam tent at TITP.


There were plenty of food stalls to pick from, we went for burgers in the end because burgers = good.  You can see just how good from my personal burger models below – work those buns girls!



Of course the burgers needed washed down with refreshing beer and cider which were reasonably priced for a festival at £4-4.50 a drink.  However if you’re a high flying posh totty looking for a cheeky aphrodisiac the VIP section had an Oyster and Champers bar.

We then paid £5 each to have glitter painted on to our faces now you may be thinking well thats a complete rip off but oh how wrong you are.  Get your sunglasses at the ready because this next part of the blog is dazzling.



Show me more I hear you say!

Luckily I can because we then had a photoshoot.


The festival came fully equipped with fairground rides for those moments when you’ve had one to many and feel the absolute need to go on the big wheel.


Not sure if these two are dizzy from the big wheel or the cider.


It is fair to say we had  a great time and the festival was a hit.  I really hope it is back next year as I will definitely be returning!

I’ll end this blog with some inspiration for future goals.

Here is a picture of an old chap banging a cowbell and having the time of this life.





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