One tequila, two tequila, three tequila….. floor!

So I’m still in recovery from a weekend full of debauchery, well not quite but there was a lot of tequila consumed!  One of my best friends gets married this weekend so it seemed only right that we take her out for one last celebration before she ties the knot.

Willy straws at the ready we hopped aboard the train to Edinburgh.

We headed to Tonic for a cocktail masterclass. Connor (the dark haired stocky guy drinking from a pink penis straw) was given the task of showing us the ropes and dealing with copious amounts of dirty innuendos which I think Great Auntie Isla should take full responsibility for!

We made White Russians, Brandy Alexanders, French Martinis, Mint Juleps and Pornstar Martinis which Connor informed us Tonic are famous for, he did clarify the cocktail did not come with an actual pornstar – its okay we were all disappointed too!

I would highly recommend Tonic if you’re looking for a good venue to do a cocktail class!

43 - edn

14 - edn

After the cocktail class we headed to Tigerlily for drinks and a meal.  Hannah brought some props for the table although no penis straws were allowed, turns out Tigerlily ain’t a fan of the willy!

The decor is one of my favourite things about Tigerlily with each area having its own design.  We had a set menu that came with plenty of choice and was well priced – £35 a head for 3 courses.

40 - edn


Of course there was Tequila making the rounds … Uno, dos, tres!

08 - edn

And then, there was the karaoke bar. This just may be my new favourite place ever.

Yes that’s right I’m talking about what is inside that dark dingy door way.

30 - edn

Its hard to put into words how brilliant this place is so I am going to let Auntie Jackie do all the hard work for me – see below the lady having the time of her life in the purple top.

06 - edn

05 - edn


P.S. They have a button you press and alcohol is brought to you.

The rest of the night included more drinks, drunken munchies and some pictures of Granny caught on candid camera!!  Those are just for us hens though am afraid!

Now bring on the wedding!!!!



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