Whisky for Breakfast…?


Are you even Scottish if your breakfast doesn’t include Whisky?

I have found the perfect solution for anybody that needs to get back in touch with their inner William Wallace and it comes in the form of Whisky Syrup!

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The Whisky Sauce company have blessed us with a Whisky flavoured syrup and were kind enough to provide a pancake recipe to match (I have tweaked this slightly).

Scott’s sister came to stay for a few days which was the perfect time to whip up some pancakes and give the syrup a try.

10 - ed

Mmmmm bacon *drools*

12 - ed

Bubbles means your pancake is ready for a good flipping!

18 - ed

Add even more alcohol in the form of prosecco if you are feeling fancy.

21 - ed

Stack pancakes with bacon then raspberries because that makes it healthy before drowning in Whisky Syrup.

36 - ed

150g plain flour
50g caster sugar
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tbsp Scotch Whisky Syrup
1 egg, beaten
150ml milk
Butter for the pan

Put all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and whisk to combine.
Mix in the whisky syrup, egg and milk until you have a nice thick batter
Heat the pan on a medium heat then add butter and make your pancakes any size or shape you wish.
Remember to grill bacon if your having this too which I highly recommend.
Plate up, drown the pancakes in Whisky Syrup then scoff the lot!


If this recipe tickles your fancy you can find the Whisky Syrup from the below website along with lots of recipes and ideas. ย The majority of country farm shops also stock the Whisky Company products.

The Whisky Sauce Co

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