Cake, Toasties and the Seaside

Wednesday arrived and brought with it gorgeous sunshine. Thankfully I wasn’t cooped up in a stuffy office and got to spend the day eating cake by the ocean!

I grabbed our picnic basket, some juice and raspberries before Scott and I headed to St Andrews to pick up some sweet treats from BiBi’s Cafe to take with us.

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We decided to go to Kingsbarns, a beautiful rural village about 6 miles outside St Andrews which is home of one of the best beaches in Fife and there may also have been a  Cheesy Toast Shack that had our names written all over it.

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We ordered a camembert, salami and onion chutney toastie and a cheddar and bacon one before finding the perfect spot to enjoy our picnic in the glorious sunshine.

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They were delicious! I would recommend heading to Kingsbarns beach just to try one of these cheesy gooey delights.

However it surely doesn’t count as a day off if it doesn’t involve cake, right?

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As usual I had fallen at the traybake hurdle and Scott had decided on carrot cake, which he likes to claim counts as one of his five a day!  The rocky road was of course amazing – chocolate, marshmallows and biscuit combined is always guaranteed to taste good.

And yes I did steal some carrot cake and I can confirm it tasted as amazing as it looked.

44 - edited

Full of cheese and cake we rolled ourselves down to the beach to take in some fresh air and splash around in the sea.

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5 thoughts on “Cake, Toasties and the Seaside

  1. Amazing, loved the cheesy shack, will have to get adventurous and pop down your way to sample those delights 🍞🧀🍰🍰🍹🍹


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